LT-18/300 wet drawing machine+DS-350 vertical takeup(inletΦ2.4-1.8mm,outlet Φ1.2-0.6mm )





   Description LT-18/300 wet drawing machine+DS-350 vertical takeup
       Type                     LT-18/300
      Usage for binding wire,galvanized wire , wire fibre drawing
    Inlet Dia.                         Φ2.4-1.8mm
    Outlet Dia.                         Φ1.2-0.6mm
    Die Number                         18
Traction pully Dia                       300mm
Cone pully Max.Dia.                       300mm
 Inlet strength                     ≤800mpa
    Max. speed                       15m/s
 Main motor power             37KW with inverter control
Spooler motor power            5.5KW with inverter control
             Synchronous belt drive
 Motor position                   inside machine
     Die size                  Φ26mm×15(PCD)
Cooling lubricant              Provided by final user
     Direction                 From left to right
  Tension unit                     Included
Protection cover                     Included
Electrical cabinet                       IP54
Operation   platform                     Rotationary
       PLC                       DELTA
  Touch screen                       DELTA
     Inverter                    HENGDA,CHINA
Low voltage product                    SCHNAIDER
      Inverter                    INNOVANCE
  Takeup option               By spooler or coiler

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