LZ-7/560 straight line wire drawing machine(Φ6.5-5.5mm to Φ2.5-1.8mm)


Hangzhou Xingguan's Drawing machine has been granted with CE certificate by EU


This drawing machine is for the production of high, middle, low carbon steel wires, such as

spring wires, bead wires, steel wire rope, rubber pipe enforced wires, welding wires etc.

Customer can choose different type of takeup.

Coiler takeup                                           Spooler takeup


Description LZ-7/560 straight line wire drawing machine
Model LZ-7/560
Usage Drawing for high, mild, low carbon steel wire
Wire strength 1250Mpa
Inlet Wire Φ5.5mm-Φ6.5mm
Outlet Wire Φ1.8mm-Φ2.5mm
Max. Compress. 88%
Max. drawing F 7000N
Max. Speed 10m/s(last block)
Take up By spooler or coiler, with tension control
Power 30KW+22KWX6+18.5KW
Cooling Fan cooling + wanter cooling
Certificate CE



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